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Christmas Owls

Pre-printed kit


Kit includes:
  • 11CT pre-printed cotton fabric, sized 60cm x 28cm (218 x 75 stitches)
  • Coloured pattern and instructions
  • Pre-sorted cotton thread
  • 2 needles


Also available as 14CT counted kit.

Click HERE to view.



About this kit:

The fabric is pre-printed with a coloured pattern to allow stitching just by following the colours on the fabric. This means you don't have to look at the normal pattern provided in the kit, which makes stitching quicker and easier.

If you prefer to use the normal method of stitching, with the paper pattern, the fabric can be washed to remove the pre-printing. Wash the fabric in warm, mildly soapy water and rinse in cold water when done. This will remove the pre-printing and cause the fabric to also lose some of its stiffness.

If you wish to use the pre-printing to assist you in your stitching, please ensure you do not get the fabric wet before you finish stitching the picture.

Once you have completed the picture, wash the fabric as above. Leaving the fabric to soak for approximately half an hour should remove the pre-printing easily.