Crafty Little Devils - Cross Stitch Kits Australia Online.                    Crafty Little Devils currently specialises in 11CT pre-printed and 14CT counted cross stitch kits.                                             
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Our cross stitch fabric comes in 14CT and 11CT and is currently only available in White.

It is a thicker version than normal Aida cloth.

This can be helpful if you perfer a more rigid fabric which remains stiff whilst stitching, but if you prefer your fabric to have a softer feel this can be achieved
by washing the fabric before use. Wash in a warm, mildly soapy water and rinse in cold water when done. This should result in the fabric becoming softer.

14CT Fabric11CT Fabric
20cm x 20cm$4.85 20cm x 20cm$4.80
20cm x 40cm$6.00
20cm x 40cm$5.90
30cm x 30cm$6.30
30cm x 30cm$6.15
30cm x 50cm$8.00
30cm x 50cm$7.80
40cm x 40cm$8.30
40cm x 40cm$8.05
30cm x 60cm$8.85
30cm x 60cm$8.60
40cm x 60cm$11.55
40cm x 60cm$11.20
50cm x 50cm$11.85
50cm x 50cm$11.50
40cm x 80cm$13.90
40cm x 80cm$13.40
50cm x 75cm$19.80
50cm x 75cm$19.25
50cm x 100cm$23.40
50cm x 100cm$22.65
75cm x 75cm$25.20
75cm x 75cm$24.35
75cm x 100cm$30.60
75cm x 100cm$29.50
100cm x 100cm$37.75
100cm x 100cm$36.30